There are different image formats used on the web. WebP and PNG are two such standard image formats that are used by many web developers. Both image formats have advanced features to give users a better image. However, in this article, we are going to discuss more on how to convert WebP to PNG, benefits of doing so. Read this article till the end, to know more about these image formats!


What is WebP what is PNG?

WebP and PNG are both image formats. Yet, compared to PNG, WebP is an image format that was introduced quite recently. Especially, WebP was created by Google Inc in 2010 yet it became much popular among web developers and digital marketing workers as it can create more quality images with fewer image sizes.

PNG is also famous for high-quality images. Yet, talking about the sizes of the images created by PNG is relatively higher than that of WebP. So, WebP can create 25% smaller sized images than PNG images are capable of.

Apart from creating smaller sized images, WebP also can create high-quality images. Many people believe that if image size is reduced, the quality of that image will be also reduced. The reason behind that is to make image size smaller, normally images use lossy image compression and that compression will affect to lower the quality of the images. However, in WebP images, it uses both lossy and lossless compression so that when lossy compression becomes active and makes the image size smaller, lossless compression will help to stabilize and maintain the quality of the final output.

Why convert WebP to PNG?

True that WebP images are in smaller sizes and their image quality is also high. Yet, as you already know, WebP is an image format that was introduced very recently and because of that, some browsers are not supported to WebP images. So in such cases, the best solution is to convert WebP images to PNG images!

WebP to PNG Converters

Converting WebP images to PNG will not be a difficult task for you!

Especially, if you have checked the web, you will realize that there are many online and offline image converters that you can use to convert WebP images to PNG.So, here are some of such converters you can use for that!

  1. Convertio- This is a famous online image converting website. You can directly upload your WebP images into Convertio and convert images into PNG. After that, you will be able to get the converted image saved into your device by downloading it.
  2. Sketch- Sketch can be identified as an offline design toolkit that you can use to convert WebP images into PNG. However, to use this, you need to install the app into your device. Unlike WebP converting images, you can edit images and then convert images into PNG.

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