Have you ever heard of Dr Fone?

Let us figure out what it is Dr Fone Windows. There is much software available in the market that is specifically designed for mobile users. Like that software, Dr Fone also can be identified as a kind of software or rather a tool which helps to fulfill the different needs of the mobile users.

Dr Fone Windows

The Dr Fone’s founder, Softonic software company first started this marvelous tool for iOS devices basically to give hand in recovering data. Thus, Dr Fone is considered as the world’s best and the first data backup and recovering app that you will find in the web market.

However, unlike other data recovering apps, Dr Fone cannot be considered as only a data recovering app. Especially, it is not just an app but a complete toolkit where you can get different services for your mobile.

Starting from iOS devices, later on, Softonic company broadened their services for other devices by including more Dr Fone toolkit for different operating systems. Some of the Dr Fone toolkit available in the market are mentioned below.

  1. Dr Fone for iOS
  2. Dr Fone for Windows
  3. Dr Fone for Android

However, in this article, we will concern about Dr Fone Windows and which is one of the latest toolkit introduced by Dr Fone.

Now let us identify some of the special services offered by Dr Fone Windows!

  • Services offered by Dr Fone Windows.

Data backup and recovering

As the world’s first ever data recovering software, the basic service offered by Dr Fone Windows is data backup and recovering. Especially, it can recover all the media files including videos, photos, audio and etc as well as other files such as call history, browsing history, messaged, WhatsApp data and etc.

Data Erasing

You do not believe that once you click on the delete button, your data will be permanently deleted and no one will be able to get them back, do you? If it is so, you are wrong because, within this developed technology, your data will not be secured even you delete them. However, Dr Fone Windows guarantees you that it will help you to delete the data on your windows device permanently.

Data Transfer

You know that some devices have problems with transferring data with other devices which consist of operating systems. Yet, Dr Fone will easily transfer files between any device with a windows device through this transfer too offered by it.

Apart from the above service, there are many things that you can do with Dr Fone Windows. See them after you get Dr Fone Windows!

Specialties of Dr Fone Windows

As mentioned earlier, Dr Fone differs from other web Apps due to several reasons. First, it can provide its services to almost all the windows devices that are available in all over the world.

Also, Dr Fone guarantees the safety and the privacy of your Windows device than any other app do. Especially, they vouch that no data loss will happen and your data will not get leak by any chance at all. Similarly, Dr Fone Windows is an anti-virus toolkit. Thus your device will be protected from harmful virus threats.

To use Dr Fone Windows, you can simply visit the official Dr Fone Website and download it for your device. Then using Dr Fone Windows will be easy for you as there are many steps by step videos on how to use Dr Fone Windows are there on the web.

So why hesitate to get Dr Fone Windows?

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