What is Android Rooting?

Android Rooting can be considered as the process that helps to overcomes the Android Root security limitations set by the Android device manufacturers. Android Rooting is quite similar to jailbreaking on Apple phones. So, Android Rooting helps you to get into the internal software of your Android device and allows you to make some changes that you can’t make with the original software which comes along with the device.

Android root

What are the benefits of Android Root?

Some benefits of Android Root are as follows. Android root can help to enhance the hardware of your Android Device. Especially, when your device is outdated and the manufacturer also forgets to update the Android version, you can install the latest version by yourself and as well as custom Roms to your device which will enhance the device performance.

By Android Rooting, you will be able to remove pre-installed apps in your device and install the apps that are not allowed to be installed by the device software.

Another benefit of Android Root is you can block irritating and tiresome advertisements appear especially in Android games and in other system apps.

What are the methods of Android Rooting?

There are several methods where you can root your Android device. Some of them are,

  • Dr Fone Root
  • SuperSU Root
  • Kingo
  • SRS Root
  • Root Genius
  • iRoot

How to root your Android Device?

As previously mentioned, there are different methods for Android Root, yet Dr Fone Root can be considered as the safest and reliable method to do that. Thus, below are the steps on how you can perform Android Rooting via it.

Download and install Dr Fone Toolkit to your device

  • Connect it to a computer by using a USB cable. Also, make sure your device is active with a debugging feature to recognize your device easily.
  • After the device is connected, automatically, Dr Fone will recognize your device.
  • Then select “Root Now” option.
  • Give it some space and after the device is rooted, it will send you a confirmation message.

However, during the process of Android rooting, remember to be very much vigilant and careful about that. So that you can avoid any damage happen to your device and as well as protect the company warranty offered by the manufacturer for your hardware and software issues.

Hope you had an idea about Android Rooting and how to do it.

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