SuperSU Root – What is rooting?

SuperSU root known as one of the method and application of rooting Android operating system running on smartphones and tablet computers. The Android operating system developed based on the Linux Kernel. Because of that, the Android OS potentially have able to use root permissions on special specifications and conditions on the OS. Visit our main page to download the SuperSU root.


Originally the Android OS comes for general use without any kind of root permission for users. So, the rooting means remove the restrictions placed for access to the OS’ on Android operating system and customize the settings and installations on the operating system.

People who need to use root permission on the Android operating system, they need to use a rooting method as SuperSU root. There are some alternatives for SuperSU but the millions of SuperSU users proved the best tools for rooting android is SuperSU root.

supersu root

Who needs rooting?

Basically, the android root doesn’t need for general people who do not need much of apps and settings configurations. But the people who need to run more apps and do configurations according to have more flexible on the Android device probably need a rooting. The SuperSU ZIP has the potential to do that kind of rooting for Android operating system.

On the other hand, programmers which are building an application on Android platform need a rooted environment to their app building process. They need to test, run, and configure the system with all privileges to confirm the performance of the application and identify bugs.

How to root your Android smartphone with the SuperSU root?

There are two methods for rooting an Android operating system

  1. Using the APK (Android APK)
  2. Granting root access manually on recovery mode

Before you are going to start the rooting processes you need to flash your system to recovery mode.

  1. Download the SuperSU ZIP for your phone and the recovery image.
  2. Navigate to the settings > software info > build number. Touch the screen until pop-up the developer mode here.
  3. While USB debugging mode unlock the phone
  4. Place the SuperSU ZIP on the SD card using a USB cable through you PC
  5. Reboot the recovery mode after moving the SuperSU ZIP. (system will reboot more than one time)
  6. Then select to boot from the SuperSU ZIP file shows on your screen.
  7. You can confirm the installation if the system asks to maintain root access. Select yes to give the permission to root access.

Advantages of rooting Android with SuperSU Root

Main advantages

  • Change system files
  • Change system configuration
  • Read all the data even belongs to other users

Other Advantages

01.Remove factory installations: – you can remove the preinstalled apps on your Android system.

02.Block advertisements appeared on apps: – if you feel uncomfortable with ads on apps, the SuperSU root allows you to remove the ads from apps.

03.The rooting of Android increases the battery life and the speed of processing.

04.Backup complete data: – rooted Android operating system allows to backup complete data of the device.

05.Upgrade to the latest version of Android: – you can use the rooting with SuperSU for upgrade your device to the latest version of Android.

06.No restriction for installing apps: – By default, the Android restricts some apps according to Android’s terms and conditions. But after the SuperSu root, you can install that kind of app on your Android device too.

07.Install custom ROMs: – Android is customizable with rooting even for install a new ROM.

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