Useful Information about SuperSU Zip for Smartphones

What is SuperSU Zip?

SuperSU Zip is well known as a SuperUser access management software that can be used on rooted android devices. SuperSU Zip gives you the rights to advanced management through SuperUser access to the devices. Now you have the ability to download SuperSU Zip for Android 6.0 Marshmallow too.


Why do you need SuperSU Zip?

There are lots of advantages you can have by downloading SuperSU Zip to your android devices. Here are those advantages,

If the device hasn’t been booted properly, it doesn’t matter. your device will work
Your device is capable of working in the recovery mode
SuperSU Zip can remove unwanted things from your Android device
Custom ROMs can be runned
Free up the device internal storage
A well organized opening/ design/ system partition
It is very simple to unroot your device
It provides you four options of themes to choose
It can run special applications through SuperSU Zip

As the advantages make your android device more effective, but there’re also have some risks in SuperSU Zip to be mentioned such as,

  • Termination
  • Your android device warranty may get invalid because of SuperSU Zip
  • It can cause a problem of bricked

The Latest Changelogs of SuperSU Zip


  • ZIP: Improve su.img mounting
  • (systemless) Add deep sleep fix for Samsung 5.1+
  • ZIP: Patch recovery SELinux policy
  • supolicy – Adjust Samsung 6.0 init shell


  • supolicy: replaced transitions: copy capabilities and attributes, silence audits
  • (systemless) Improved deep sleep fix for Samsung 5.1+
  • Updated translation files
  • ZIP: detect boot image partition being a symlink to a file on /data, and skip wipe if so
  • (systemless) Added fallback method to mounting /su on system boot
  • supolicy: fix bug copying system_server capabilities to init
  • supolicy: work-around shell-based services being executed as undefined_service on Samsung 5.1+
  • FSTABSYSTEMRW: flag removed; worked around remount /system r/w issue
  • sukernel: refuse to patch Chrome OS boot image
  • ZIP: improved handling of loop devices

SuperSU Zip has been developing and distributing since 2012 by the famous developer Chainfire.


Chainfire’s Latest Rooting Tool SuperSU Root

If you are familiar to Android development community, you no need to introduce Chainfire who senior developer and moderator at XDA. Chainfire has developed many tools for Android lovers and there are millions of users using them around the world. SuperSU, CF Auto Root, FlashFire, Mobile Odin and many more tools developed by Chainfire.

SuperSU Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow

SuperSU Root Android 6.0

There are many Android users in the world. Among them, some users cannot imagine using their Android device without root access. Recently, released Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Chainfire released SuperSU ZIP BETA as an experimental version for root Android 6.0. However, it needs modified boot images to root Android 6.0 marshmallow devices.

It’s hard to rooting on Android in these days because of the new security improvements. However, there is a hope Chainfire is still looking into the possibility of rooting Android 6.0 without a modified boot.

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